The Unborn Poem by Sharon Olds

The Unborn

Rating: 3.9

Sometimes I can almost see, around our heads,
Like gnats around a streetlight in summer,
The children we could have,
The glimmer of them.

Sometimes I feel them waiting, dozing
In some antechamber - servants, half-
Listening for the bell.

Sometimes I see them lying like love letters
In the Dead Letter Office

And sometimes, like tonight, by some black
Second sight I can feel just one of them
Standing on the edge of a cliff by the sea
In the dark, stretching its arms out
Desperately to me.

Michael Gale 11 February 2010

Yes, yet this piece somewhat seems to hint at or reminds us and man and woman, that in the end, Abortion is an anti-Christian sin and act, perpetrated by the thoughtless, bad. God bless us all-MJG.

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Sandra Feldman 09 December 2012

beautiful imagery, beautifully said. A poem that should be read by all abortionist

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Stephen W 07 January 2013

I don't think this poem has anything to do with abortion. What are people thinking?

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Alistair Graham 22 December 2012

Reminds me of the Buddhist belief of “souls” waiting to be reincarnated into a new body for a new round.

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Sonya Marco 14 December 2012

n some antechamber - servants, half- Listening for the bell. ...I love this poem!

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This poem was published on ph on January 13,2003. Years before I ever heard of PoemHunter! Still live. Bri digs it out for us. Thank you Bri Edwards. You have been doing yeomen service to poetry! Congratulations

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A brilliant write. Poetry of high standards.

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With all the contraception devices easily available, why conceive at all, when both the parents are not ready for her/him? Here, in my messages, I deliberately avoided using "it" because every baby right from day one of conception, is an individual HUMAN BEING. she/he can not be an "it".

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Abortion is definitely a sin against humanity, whether anti-Christian or not. Every baby conceived has his/her right to be born and then lead a decent life and graduate into adulthood. No one can be allowed to terminate him/her.

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Panagiota Romios 24 February 2023

A poem writing with courage. You made my day, most fear writing about it,2/24/2023

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