If I Was

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If I was a diver for gold.
What stories would the oceans unfold?
If I was a gardener you know.
Would you give me seeds to grow?
If I was a lover who cared.
Would you still kick me out of your bed?
If I was a mirror to see.
What would I think of me?
If I was a bird so high.
Could I fly before I died?
If I was the moon in your night sky.
Would you pass me by?

Alison Smith 10 February 2007

If you were a diver the pearl would you find If you were the gardener then flowers would you have If a caring lover then the bed would always be yours If a mirror you were then mist would cover you If a bird you would come to my defense not fly away If you were the moon.. I'd bask in your glow Alison

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Herbert Nehrlich1 22 September 2005

If I were a poet I would take these words, scramble them in a blender, pour them into an eggnog server, add a dash of nutmeg, taste briefly and then, with eyes closed, would make a poem out of it. Will you try? Best wishes H

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