If Life Is Simple Poem by yellowbell alamanda

If Life Is Simple

Rating: 3.0

I don't need to try
to reach out the stars
to see how its shine
from the dark sky.

It's enough to watch its fantasy
without wishing to a shooting stars that passed by.
I don't need to dream
to lounch my big name.
wear the sweetest smile,
walk gracefully,
that has been rehearsed.
To be so fancy,
to be one of the classy.

If life is simple,
I don't need to sail
on an ocean of life-
conscious, watchful and afraid.
If life is simple,
I don't need to get up
for a preparation of this unexpected journey.

But life is not simple,
now that the world is crazy,
where material things rules,
if you dont have, then you are lose and empty.
The true heart are hide,
the clean one could be sad,
some could be soak on a mud
If you will not get in the ride.

If life is simple,
my feet is on the sea shore.
Walking barefoot on the sand
not wanting for some more.
Just admire the sunrise
until its breath taking sunset.
Thats all i could wait
with sea shells on my hand.

If life is simple,
then I don't need to be away,
away from my love,
whom I share my life each day.
I could eat what they ate,
I could laugh what they laughed about.
I sleep on faded sheet,
I could roll under my old blanket.

So long for my longing,
because I am here.
Trying to get there, the life I am dreaming.
I don't need to keep on wishing to the future that we said.
I have to be there, I have dreams to live.
Though it's taking me away,
I promise I'll be back.
that time when I am ready,
that day that I could say.
'Life is simple, now I could stay.

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