Someday In The Stream Poem by yellowbell alamanda

Someday In The Stream

Rating: 4.8

If we could go back
to where we've been
if we could remember
those days we dreamed of someday
and if only we could say
that someday is today.

If we could find the way back
to walk through the stream
and go to the oasis
where we kept the memories
where the words we said,
a broken promises.

To be in the stream someday
just remind me the good days;
the days we shared without a doubt,
the friendship that rose
just like the stream...
that we watched how it flows
but never thought where it goes.

Remember the stones that we threw
when we were under the sky that so blue.
the stream were glistened through the sunlight,
we held our hands and everything were just right.

we closed our eyes and whispered each wishes,
I wished our friendship is not temporary,
just like the stream that ever last,
I wished we'd never come to past.

But now I wonder where we are,
why we seems so lost from afar.
You knew where I am
as I watched you
from where you were stand.

Just one step
we can count it again.
Closer to the stream
that we once owned,
at early morning,
noon until dust,
on summer or even under the rain.

Someday in the stream,
I wish to see our smiling faces,
like those we carved
on that tall trees.
And chat against the whistling wind
sing along with the twittering birds.

For us we were heaven's sent
just go back to our innocence
when we loved being imperfect...
the reason i treasured the moment...
that we'll never forget,
just like yesterday,
I wish with you my friends,
I'll be there someday.

to the Trio Girls'

Chitra - 08 October 2009

a great metaphorical write...a sense of nostalgia...flowing through these fine words

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Eyan Desir 08 October 2009

The poem is very nice but it has small errors good write

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Ency Bearis 07 October 2009

A metaphor of a kind...the stream of continuous friendship.... just only one noted 2nd stanza that doesn't make sense...maybe you mean.. to where we are....otherwise the contents are good....9

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