Good To Die Poem by yellowbell alamanda

Good To Die

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Is it good to die,
when you knew where you lie,
or when you knew where you go.
is it good to die
to leave with the pain
as if paid for your sins
or is it good to die,
to say those words you never said...
to those who cries,
unable to comfort.
To those you've hated,
you forgive.
To those you've hurt,
you are sorry.
Is it good to die,
when you knew you're forgiven
but never forgotten,
and now they only love you
but kissing you goodbye.
So you could see how the flower blooms,
which you've waited from dawn,
that leads you to the lawn.
Is it good to die,
to embrace the sunrise
on that day of their mourn,
or can you just close your eyes
and just leave.
With a mark of your golden heart,
of your sweet smiles,
of your caring soft hands
and your calm voice, echoed,
to relaxes the angry heart
and bring peace to a troubled mind.
Oh! is it good to die,
when you feel touching the sky,
appear with the rainbow,
be with the angels,
no more waiting for tomorrow.
Is it good to die,
when you come with the wind,
when you dance with the trees,
or will you come again
from those cotton clouds.
Is it good to die?

Chitra - 08 October 2009

well written, deep and emotive!

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Eyan Desir 08 October 2009

Well life can be sweet Well i guess its not good to die But there is no escape good write

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Ency Bearis 07 October 2009

A good thoughts about the theme. Sometimes its a self analysis if we are ready for it and to face it with your reaction how when God takes our life and He knows only when, a thought provoking and to think twice....nice write....10

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