If Mad Is A Hatter Then Mad Am I Poem by Zachary Clark

If Mad Is A Hatter Then Mad Am I

If mad is a hatter then mad am I
We'll riddle a needle to that of an eye
Make monkeys purple and rabbits fly
Then when one of the 'sane' asks us why

We'll laugh like two loons and ask why not
Our minds be long gone we'll fight sane thought
And invent new words like drot and haggot
Laughing like Trisels, madness is naught

To befriend a hatter is quite benign
Especially when you've lost your mind
And all of your thoughts become entwined
You yourself then laugh when maligned

I won't ever lie, you must understand
Or this purple penguin will bite off my hand
Then I couldn't drink the best tea of the land
And this tea I tell you is simply quite grand

People think us foolish, demented, disturbed
But I find it quite moronic and even absurd
They don't know any of the things that I've heard
And a hatter can teach you much more then I've leard

And a hatter's knowledge is rather quite open
And then when you've come fully ready listen
Careful to leard our knowledge 'cause when
You come over the hill you can't go back again

Zachary Clark

Zachary Clark

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