If The Shadow Had A Mind Of It's Own Poem by James Bost

If The Shadow Had A Mind Of It's Own

Rating: 4.8

everyday kids learn from thei mistakes
make the wrong choice
everday under the bright sun
your not alone
your shadow might not know you
if you reach out for that drink or smoke
your shadow think first to walk away
but you cant
when you got the finger on the trigger
ready to squeeze
your shadow just law down
cuz he know he can be sentence to life
you hop i the stolo
ride around wit your friends
your shadow never gets in
he knows the consequences
the shadow think
but you do see it
if you think thing through
think it twice
of what can be the results
maybe than
you make the right choice
your friends is not your friends
your shadow can be who you make it
and the doors will open
the shadow can lead you
to a good place

Suicidal Magic 24 June 2009

w.o.w n amazing write... the shadow... i'm speechless!

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Carol Gall 17 June 2009

good write find those right places

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yes, but a good place is hard to find 10+++ Unique

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James Bost

James Bost

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