Brave And Fearless Poem by James Bost

Brave And Fearless

Rating: 4.5

here i stand
on my feet like a man
head up never down
protect myself on the battle ground
im the official grand duke
gripped tight and got something to loose
nut i refuse
to let that go through
im strong im black
im smart im black
that someone who dream.......and who
can take the steam i can take a lost
but regain the courage
and pay the cost
pay the price
for all the mistakes i made in life
and wont let it beccome a factor

Chinedu Dike 17 November 2014

A brave man is not the one who refuses fear, he is the man that feels fear but still faces whatever is causing that fear. He is unperturbed when he falls and with courage strives at all cost to get up again. I like the insight and articulation of the poem. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Arabian Heart 28 June 2009

The sin of pride How very quaint Lots of people big and small feel this sin But sometime, it is the only key to survive A poem that is the very sin of Pride, I like

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James Bost

James Bost

Baltimore Maryland
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