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traveled through the lost
showered in the mist
purple skies blue
sparks among the ocean

day 1 i was exposed to
a new generstion
i felt so

i was only 12 at the time
i know
young age but hornmones
was jumping high

i was born alone
i think my own
private to the world
secrets only i hear

Does it hurt............
to say my name?
to show me love?
or to give me a hug?

We talk our problems out
Face to face
We hang out everyday
My boys to the end

The feeling inside so emotional
Impact hard from this stranger
Giving me the effection well deep
Like a long time relationship

everyday kids learn from thei mistakes
make the wrong choice
everday under the bright sun
your not alone


im in my bed wishing you was here
to look me in the eye
and watch me dropp love tears
im crazy when im alone

here i stand
on my feet like a man
head up never down
protect myself on the battle ground

there for my birthdays
taught me how to ties a shoe
taught me how to ride a bike
kept me focus in school

equal side with my peers
but wont fit in the circle
four corner
just cant fit in their circle

Scared where i should be safe
seem hauted in my own place
someone touching my face
it wint leave when i ask for peace

when i think of you
i think to see you agin
to feel good
to want my heart to skip a beat

without you in my life
i pretend you were with me all these days
dreaming you will be my wife
and i'll be the best man i can be

30 minutes til 12...clothes on
15 minutes til 12...in the bed
Midnight the climax of the story
The feeling of love and its effection

My Tummy is empty
Im hungry
Feed me darlin
I can hear your heart calling

summer time i thirst
just the look of u
u set the sky light
n bring the heat

our love is submitted
once we made a commitment
we share enemies
and we fight off plenty

pretty skin, pretty smile pretty long hair
beautiful when she stare
the face of an angel yes i see your halo
killing me inside

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Across The Ocean

traveled through the lost
showered in the mist
purple skies blue
sparks among the ocean
whistles the wind
as the sand twirl
birds fly in the same direction
peeked in the sunset
spot the light
ocean waves slow motion
dolphins speaks
suddenly butterflies in my stomach
tikkles me
the enviroment vanished
as the light seem to get smaller
the ocean wave moves faster
sun falls alseep
awaken the night
butterflies cross the ocean
while im burried in shock
missing you
across the ocean

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