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I sit on the ground
I'm trying not to make a sound
I stare at my feet
Hoping he can't find me and beat

I just feel so down
I only frown
I have no smile left
Depression is a theft

You say I'm not good with words
And that I don't need herds
Of people around me to make me feel
Any better about myself and it's a done deal

My smile is put on by plaster
I wish my life would end faster
Since I was born its been a disaster
Why do you think you're my master

The little girl outside is humming
It seems the evil people are coming
The day will soon end
Where is this little girls friend?

The little girl is looking for her mommy
But too bad shes a druggie
The little girl starts to cry
Her mommy's going to die

I hear outside as the rain
Begins to wipe away the pain
All the smeared blood
Begins to wash away in the flood

I'm daddy's little misunderstood
Always wearing my hood
With my headphones in
Never letting you win,

I lock myself in my room
And I hear a loud boom
He tries to open my door
But I'm right next to it on the floor

I stare at my pink walls
Wishing they would all fall
Down and go away
Hoping this is the only way

My parents denied
I was ever their kid
I wanted inside
But they tried to get rid

I wish I had the guts to die
I’m tired of living this lie
Everyday I cry
Everyday I don’t want to try

I sit down and look around,
But you know what I found?
A world of unhappy people staring.
All of them swearing.

I can hear the water moving beneath me
I can hear the rush of the waves as they try to eat me
I can hear the wind as it blows around my face
I can hear the dogs barking in a shadowy place

I saw your picture again
I let you get the better of me again
Part of me can’t stand you won
You make me wish I had a gun


I lock myself in my room
With my music up to loud
Why can't I make anyone proud?
I cry myself to sleep

And I can be kinda loud
But I'm still proud
To be me

There you lay on the floor
I walk in silently through the door
You were so close to death
Why would you ever take meth?

Don’t say a word, You don’t look too well.
There’s something I’ve heard, About you and hell.
If you don’t change your ways, What’s the point?
At the end of days, You’ll be one to disappoint.

The sky darkens, as I stare at the moon
I can only remember I have to leave soon
I knew I could not stay here for long
But, where I stand, nothing feels wrong

Magic What'sHerName Biography

Hi my real name is actually magic, it's just not my first name. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not, neither am I going to hide anything. My poetry is like a diary to me. I write about everything going on in my life. People being rude, parents disaproving, and betrayel. I write how I feel, and I won't hold anything back. I write what others may have experienced (nd if so feel free to talk to me about it) , and no not all my poems are through personal experience. Most of them are, but not all. I like to thank you for reading them. If u hav something to ask of me.. go ahead.)

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*abuse Me*

I sit on the ground
I'm trying not to make a sound
I stare at my feet
Hoping he can't find me and beat
Me until I'm all bloody and worn
Believe me I could have sworn
He looked like a good guy
But hey people aren't perfect and they like to lie.

While I'm throwing rocks at a tree
I feel like I'm going to pay a fee
Soon he will find me
I'm too tired to run anymore!
He was such a poor
Man and I thought he needed me
But he used and abused me!
And now he's after me
He wants what he can't have
I cried and all he did was laugh
How could he be so cruel?
Why does he look so cool?
Why am I known as a fool
If I were to believe him and let him in?
How did this all begin?

He has found me
I can hear him coming for me
His footsteps get louder and louder
He couldn't be more prouder
As he takes advantage of me
How could he just abuse me?
Why would he want to use me?

He has gone away
He went to abuse some other girl today
He gets closer and closer
Outside he's just a poser
The girl buys what he is on the outside
Never to know until it is too late what is inside!

Run! Run!
You may think that this is fun
But you'll be left there to die
Just like me because of a lie
Because of that stupid guy
Why can't anyone stop him! ? !

*(My poem for a guy in a mask, To rape me was his task) *

Magic What'sHerName Comments

Deborah Cromer 25 June 2009

This poem reminds me of my poem 'Going'. I read the comment for you left by Alex Lewis and it's a good one. You can have hope and put that into your poems. Maybe years from now, someone will be reading your poetry and you might help them through a bad time. Share your strength and write about what gets you through. If you can help just one person, that makes a difference. Poetry is just more than words on paper, it changes people's lives. :) Deborah Cromer

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Alex Lewis 24 June 2009

Hey Magic, After reading your poetry, I believe that you are a great modern-day poet (much like myself) . I see a writer's life for you! Also, do not be depressed. Without the family that you depresses you, you would have no inspiration for your poetry. I look forward to reading more of your poems.

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