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If Things Don'T Get Better

Soon you'll see my picture in the Obituary section of the Paper.
If things don't get any better.

Death is a gift to the miserable man.
I wish God would take me out, and he'd put my soul in his hands.

Nobody would care anyway.
If I were to pass away.

I'll commit suicide soon if things don't get better.

Abby Wall 24 October 2009

I love ya, buddy. I would miss ur great poems. Thank you for this one. You're not alone in your feelings. Abby x

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Herbert Nehrlich1 13 January 2005

There is always someone who cares. Usually it is the person(s) who you are punishing by your departure. It really is the ultimate act of hating others.Hating someone for the perceived fact that no one seems to love you. I do hope you are not talking about yourself. But I would think of life in terms of have I failed or have I not. Not of what others have or have not done. If the verdict is that I have failed or am failing then I need to do only one pathetically simple thing: Turn it around and succeed. You need to find a bosom of sufficient dimensions to lay your tired head onto and then you can alternate between letting the tears go and erotically assaulting the pair. One is usually bigger, so that could stimulate your thinking away from morbid thoughts, deeds and fascination. Do you think you are crafty enough to find your woman? Just today's thoughts on people wishing to sign off. Best of luck to you or your 'friend'. H

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