Igniter Of The 'Move Of God'

My heart’s igniting good, as His Quill is on fire.
For things, as touching the king, with such desire.
Say I’m fairer than sons of men, grace on-lips a-bit.
Girded from on high, riding prosperously with grit.

It’s ‘cause of Meekness and His Truth that I yield quick.
My arrows centre target hit, some a bitter-truth to prick.
‘Cause I love Rightness, hating evil, He anoints with joy.
From Queenly daughters, it’s the Almighty that I implore.

None so worthy known, for this beauty from His leverage.
I’ll watch ones of Tyre bring gifts, from soul‘s salvage.
The king's daughter is all glorious within, wrought of gold.
Tried in fiery furnace of affliction, see her shining untold.

In raiment of needlework, I was brought before the king.
His virgins, my companions, beside me as I began to sing.

Creator of tapestries, rhythm and flair, I’, dancing joyously.
Fire encircles all around, lost in the music of His rhapsody.
His anointing brings ‘surprise, ’ where none was in a cell.
Fire consumes all dread, taking back God’s gems from hell.

His tremendous skill-base unlocking such opportunities.
Knowing of Evil’s influence, as a child just infuriated-me.

All’s possible with the Lord Almighty, before whom I stand.
With keys to unlock doors of opportunity, catalyst to fan.
His Igniter of Fires of the move of God, glory of His Name.
Brought where none thought any fire could burn, or tame.

There’s some people that have actually thought that you’ve been a bit rebellious; because you’re a bit different. But THE LORD SAYS TO YOU: “It’s actually the gift of God.” And people didn’t understand- “what’s on your life.” This mirrored reflection is from a prophecy given by my New Zealand pastor, Brent Douglas. Hope you enjoyed.