Imaginative Imagery Poem by Paul Amrod

Imaginative Imagery

Rating: 5.0

Insinuative proclamations of the inevitable arouse a beautifying allurement.
Essentially negating the skeptical illusions and reinstating a botanical reverie.
Pleasurable balmy breezes generously warm the calloused as they proceed
to unravel their inner turmoil bestowing the landscape with enchantment.
Inductive reasoning gives way to instincts as the Muses blossom
an array of visionary resourcefulness alluding to our superlative awareness.
Consolidating substances from the abyss we conjure our sources
in illumination enlightening paths of nonresistance as we supersede.
Superimposing a kaleidoscopic image we emerge exposing improvidence
and incite a prolific and futuristic concept quite dazzling and awesome.
Seemingly inconsequential is the inflexibility and transient obstinacy
which stagnates the facilitation of a newfangled ensuing entourage.
Imaginary waves conceal the intrinsic values available from our discourse
and our collaborations enveloping the significance of transcendence.
Substantial convictions awaken the legitimacy of individual courage
translating the riddles of existence concluding with the eminent.
Empathizing with the brothers of naught we flourish a bouquet
of self-initiation evolving self-esteem, purpose and competence.
Encroaching hermits avoid the mainstream media conceiving
their own personal web of charming chansons hidden in a mirage.
Continual passages resume as the prelude fades into antiphony
reiterating the question and response of an autumnal evening.
The lilting willows pronounce their constant willingness as homage
to a brilliancy exhibiting the wisdom of sages as Nature's symphony.
Withstanding the irreverence we audaciously perplex the ongoing barrage
reciting parables and fables reconstituting the virtues we are receiving.
Accentuating the ongoing revolution we silently influence an essay
describing the proficiency we exhibit as we stir in our superbness.
In a disciplined abstinence we revere each breathe as the euphony
elevates our thoroughfare through a stairwell of the seventh day.
Resonant tubular bells will resound through our cherished environment
illustriously captivating the fairy on wing as she is heavenly weaving
through our creator's fabrication exemplifying each adornment.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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