Implicit Ornamentations Poem by Paul Amrod

Implicit Ornamentations

Rating: 5.0

Surfacing is the merman glancing
over the ebbing tide creeping nonchalantly to shore.
Launching a glamorous tour presupposing innuendos
about the robust and hardy he can’t ignore.
Swirling are the seagulls on the endless horizon
beguiling our imaginative process in splendor.
Quavering are the moments as they pass through the hourglass
as gravitational affinities extol the tender.
Releasing the passions of the underdog
as we clutch to a long lost Kyrie Eleison
wooing the innocent bystander.
Conducive are the possibilities developing
through a seductive enthralling surrender
ameliorating the situational prologue.
Wholesome intentions awake the orator
as the woesome wilt and meander
aimlessly in search of the toreador.
Ferdinand ensues his pleasurable odors
among the roses of the chosen ancestors
imploring each adoring soul in dialogue.
Awakenings prompt the candor
of the secretive source in accordance
with ringing tubular bells
throughout an autumnal picturesque valley.
The blossoming marigolds entrance the dwarfs
as they prance with a prophesizing prairie-dog
tantalizing the inheritors of a city’s alley.
Hailing the resource of their heritages
polarities are instructing without demagogue
initializing an embellished mystery chord
producing a pleasing and an endearing resonance.
In its inevitable plenitude it envelops
each being with its inherent influence
subjugating doubt of the trustworthy
building the momentum of an unyielding sixth sense.
Illustrating the magnitude of reward
we tenaciously apply our intrepid course
and rebuke the chastising sword.

Friday, June 19, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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