Immortal Soldiers - Part 1 Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Immortal Soldiers - Part 1

They ran on frozen ice; draping their bodies in threadbare minimum of inexpensive cloth,
Took their positions scrupulously behind incoherent lumps; aiming dead straight with their missiles.

They hardly paid attention to food; surviving on parsimonious amounts of water
compounded with intermittent meals,
Swirled their eyes rampantly in all directions; trying to track the slightest of movement; the most inconspicuous of sound.

They didn't budge an inch at the sound of bullet firing; instead retorted back
with indiscriminate gunfire of their own,
Belligerently attacking with their grenades and tanks; trying vehemently to
push back the infiltrators.

They used their fists onerously to dig furrows in the snow; sequestering
themselves from the opposite camp,
Used every trick in their armory to entice the intruders; before mercilessly
assassinating them.

They constructed their camps in the inclement cold; dexterously spreading the
heaps of canvas they had onerously carried on their shoulder,
Listened diligently to crisp voices emanating from their walkie talkies;
endeavoring to adhere to every command of their seniors as stringently as

They were quite accustomed to the obstreperous noise echoing far and distant
throughout the valley; as it was an indispensable part of their lives,
Incessantly chalked plans to capture their adversaries with surprise; without
giving them the tiniest of insinuation.

They hardly talked about their miseries; the streams of blood trickling
down their bare palms,
Instead courageously pepped up each other; envisaging the sweetness of victory; applying cold water to their wounds as an antiseptic medicine.

They audaciously struck their swords into their opponents chest; remaining
unperturbed by the tyrannical gasps of profound anguish,
Took several soldiers at a time; still remaining invincibly triumphant in the

They remembered their families on infinite occasions of time; nostalgically
reviving the blissful moments they had spent back home,
However phlegmatically shrug such thoughts away; when they saw them interfering with the safety of their country.

They were unrelentingly fighting to save their nation; at prime cost of sacrificing their lives; ensuring that a majority of their population rested cozily in their homes,
I considered myself nowhere near the most obscure fractions of their shadows;
as I was dying every moment to save my cowardly life,
While they lived for centuries unprecedented even after death; as they had
deservedly earned the proud status of being 'IMMORTAL SOLDIERS'.

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: soldier
Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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