In A Transcendental Dream Poem by Paul Amrod

In A Transcendental Dream

Rating: 5.0

In a transcendental dream
Like a technicolored screen
where a mystery will enfold
evoking sentiments of old.
Treasurable moments of this very kind
emerging from deep inside
a resolute and enlightened mind.
Gloriously vibrant paints the third eye
Hidden in memory's scrapbook enterprise
In a transcendental dream
appears a most inventive scheme.
From a myriad of sketches and lines
brings a scope gleaming with a shine.
Please never let this moment pass
I can witness myself at last
Clear water drops will prism
breaking the tedious pessimism.
Blue and orange and sparkling yellows
mixing with melodies of singing cellos.
Then a door will open wide
Into a celestial garden I will glide
Astral projection soars me from the ground
hearing exhilarating orchestrative sounds.
In a bliss of sensual release
leaving the Earth in total peace.
Meditative moments have captured
the purist form of total rapture.
As the nebulas summon our spirits
we begin to finally hear its
beckoning from near and far
through the cosmic boulevard.
Insistent is the mystic calling
as the Leonids are falling.
In the pensive Mid-November sky
is the wonder for every eye.
Luminous in all its grandeur
is the hallowed soulful cure.
Enduring through the glamourous night
are shooting the exploding meteorites.
Blending within our treasured course
is a soothing and pleasurable voice.
Mending the need for yielding trust
Amidst the pictorial stardust
are the paragons of golden ages
assisting our token elder sages.
Lifting us through twilight to dawn
as each tiny urchin mildly yawns
to awaken wildly and so redeem
themselves in this transcendental dream.
Surging forth like ladened crystals
are the visions amongst the mistful
mornings which will surely transform
as the currents divinely perform
a ritualistic and sumptuous dance
our perceptions to enhance.
In a transcendental dream
Like a technicolored screen
where a mystery will enfold
evoking sentiments of old.

Monday, July 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: astronomy ,fantasy
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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