In Christianity Jesus Christ Is Salvation In Slain Innocent Blood Poem by Terence Craddock

In Christianity Jesus Christ Is Salvation In Slain Innocent Blood

will it matter when I'm dead, if no one prays for me
if God sees all knows all, then he must see to heart of me...
a stranger standing by a grave, no outcome could he change
words were said, deeds life done, prayer outcome does not change...

so keep your Mass say no Kaddish, to God you need not pray
in book of sin thoughts deeds, fill every page what need you pray...
what if 99.9% of life was sin, convicted on thoughts not deeds
as salvation stands, I find no man, perfect with no blemish deeds...

so open sin books, denounce my name, then open salvation book of life
a life written in sin, dies in sin, but redeemed are names in book of life...
dead great small, before a throne, judged based on deeds written done

the sea gives up her dead, the ground gives up her dead, judged done...
salvation is in the book of life, the book of the Lamb who was slain
believe in Christ, call on salvation Christ, in his blood our sin is slain...

Friday, October 9, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: death,life and death,lifestyle,prayer,religion
Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in October 2020 on the 10.10.2020.
This poem was inspired, by the absence of God in a funeral service, in the poem 'Gedächtnisfeier', by the poet Heinrich Heine.
Dedicated to the poet Henrich Heine.
Original version of the split images 'I'm Dead What Need Of Prayers' and 'What Is The Book Of Life? ' by the poet Terence George Craddock.
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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

What of the murderer and the warmonger? King David was a warmonger yet God choose him, Moses murder an Egyptian yet God choose him. Saul guarded the clothes of those who stoned Steven to death, is recorded as being involved in the deaths of over 300 men women children, yet God choose him to do Paul; who then devoted his life to Christ and died for Christ.

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

People choose what to believe in. Some atheist's could never believe in God or Christ for example, yet some have Christ written in their heart and do his will regardless, feeding the poor, lives dedicated to love. So when people say they did works for God and he said he never knew them, do you think they worked for the Spanish Inquisition or devoted their lives to love and serving those in need?

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

It was the opposite to love your neighbour. Do you think the 50 million killed by the Roman Catholic church and inquisition was serving God? Do you think Hitler and Germany believed in God or their own national socialist religion. Those who arrived in America during operation paperclip, were often fanatics who never changed their core beliefs, with the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands. They were needed to work on the Saturn 5 rockets and space program.

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

I do not speak with any authority from God but I could answer your questions. First most of the horrific crimes committed, against targeted religious groups, cultures, peoples throughout history; was done by those loving evil, obtaining wealth power possessions, stolen from their persecuted victims. Those loving such evil, torturing people without mercy do not serve God, do not believe in God, had nothing to do with God or God's will.

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Varsha M 09 October 2020

Very true lesson. Find God when you can find home. There is no believing after death. So grab your. Good reminder sir.

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Terry Craddock 18 October 2020

The questions asked by Paul T P Burne below are now answered in full. In the split images The Acid Test: Defining Real And False Believers An Easy Choice: Choose To Love Or Hate Can A Good Heart Live A Bad Life? Are The Names Of Murders Written In The Book Of Life? Who Will Save Your Soul From Lies You Told? Society Judges God Judges? What Is The Verdict? What Is A Name Written In The Book Of Life? If Christianity Is Not Real? Book Of Life: Contemporary Introduction 101

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

The last comment. If Christianity is not real why is it hated so much? People believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Father Christmas but this is allowed and not normally hated. Christianity is hated, it must be deleted from government, courts, schoolers; by those that hate what they do not believe in? Why? If it is deleted and real, then why expect protection or salvation? Why blame God not believed in?

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

What is the book of life? In a trial of an alleged criminal in human societies, a person can be found innocent or pardoned from a crime. That person found innocent or pardoned is free to leave, will not be executed, imprisoned or punished. The blood of Jesus Christ is claimed by Christianity to be a pardon, a get out of jail free card. It is individual choice to believe, to play the card.

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

Yes we are all judged in the end but why the judgement and what does it obtain? Put simply judgement is like a criminal trial, for an alleged criminal; all human societies have trials for people breaking laws, which a society claims are needed to protect the rights of individuals. Judgement decides if God is just and merciful before angels and humanity. Angels and human individuals exercised free choice and are eventually judged.

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Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

Are we all forgiven is that what Christ meant? King David committed adultery and ordered the death in battle of that woman's husband, yet David like Moses and Paul were forgiven. One of the two thieves who was crucified with Christ was forgiven. Was it the one who mocked, or the one who cried out in tormented repentance, who entered paradise? Does evil have its reward, does true repentance? We all decide how to live our lives.

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