In Death

Rating: 5.0

I contemplate my life,
Each struggle and each strife.

In death, are we not the same?
Brothers in the soil,
From whence we came?

Here I lie, on my last breath
I've lived my life, I welcome death.

Muhammad Hesham 04 September 2007

A very good poem that leaves the reader face to face with the perplexing facts of life and death. The poet handles language as clever as a bee, who knows well where the roses are and how to get honey out of them.

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Santana Marasco 12 May 2006

Wow, do you know how ambigious that comment was? And do you know if I spelt ambigious right?

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***** ********* 02 May 2006

If I was as old as you say you are Giovanna, I would would welcome death too. Good poem. 10 from never apart, even in death. Tai

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Jose Saca 19 April 2006

Loved it! ! ! To the point and beautiful. Give us more...

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Amberlee Carter 19 April 2006

everyone should be so fortunate as to embrace death with a smile and a kind word. well said. Always, Amberlee

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