In Glorious Praise Of Each And Every Trustworthy Machete Wielder! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

In Glorious Praise Of Each And Every Trustworthy Machete Wielder!

By Stanley Collymore

For several centuries you were
meticulously and beneficially
used to very liberally fell the
fields of sugar cane in Barbados and
subsequently thereafter as well, the
other distinctively quite enforcedly
specifically barbarously criminally
enslaved countries throughout the
Caribbean. Quite assiduously, plus
exceptionally well you performed
your very arduous work, creating
the undoubtedly bounteously but
basically unwarranted wealth for
the myriad of white, supercilious
and arrogantly clearly laughably
master race, malevolently, racist
barbarians from England, at the
outset, then cheerfully followed
afterwards by Britain when the
UK was formed, and effectively
other European states, beyond.

Wealth that spawned these whites
delusional and pathetically evil
notions about themselves not
only at home in their own countries
in Europe but likewise wherever in
the world that they quite distinctly
vilely infested, with their odiously
evil, and genocidal presence; and
a state of affairs very discernibly
still clearly, rather self-evidently
prevalent to this day, in the 21st
Century; plus an odious state of
affairs, quite distinctly proudly
handed down, most effectively
without an iota, of inheritance
tax ever conscionably, far less
so legally ever actually levied
against them or, additionally,
their foolishly likeminded ilk
that ludicrously keep up this
nonsensical fantasy; of their
invincible white superiority.

Meanwhile, those of you who're
either Black in complexion or
rather proudly, biologically
share that distinct ethnicity and are
essentially the targeted products of
this malevolent and also egregious
exploitation and not uncommonly
as well, evilly used by these white
exploiters in their vile, racist acts
of brutal, basically barbaric, and
essentially, lawfully unpunished
mutilation, plus routine murder
of Blacks, while actually neither
your enforcedly, quite enslaved
ancestors; nor you individually
have ever actually significantly
received, even a piteous penny
in reparations yet distinctively
and distinctly most insultingly
see the outrageous, privileged
descendants, of your barbaric
ancestors' enslavers: patently
the clearly, indisputable likes
of David Cameron in tandem
with his wife Samantha, also
in her basic, individual right
vilely get millions of Pounds
in compensation, simply for
literally being who they are.

Notwithstanding the real fact
that their vile, slave owning
ancestors were irrefutably
already discernibly, handsomely
rewarded to the tune effectively
in today's reckoning, of literally
billions of Pounds Sterling only
for having reluctantly and also
very begrudgingly through the
UK 1834 slavery emancipation
Act were forced, on face value
terms, basically to 'free' their
slaves in clearly arm twisting
recognition that their slavery
livelihood, had naturally had
its day while eagerly waiting
in the wings, to emphatically
assume its unique place was
the distinctively new system
of a significantly, quite soon
to be entrenched, egregious
very pervasive, colonialism.

But quite thankfully, significant
numbers although regrettably
still and unfortunately so not
all of our Black brothers and sisters
are effectively at the point of being
conducive to the genuine prospect
of actually becoming distinctively
mentally liberated, and evidently
free; this enlightening process of
our treasured Black race and its
emphasis on our youth coupled
imperatively, with their crucial
mental emancipation will very
decisively and unquestionably
fundamentally and effectively
simply unstoppably, carry on!

And the machete which was
routinely employed in the
felling of sugar cane, to
make our haters and despicably
odious abusers rich can now in
this the 21st Century, be firmly
and also skillfully used, in the
actually necessarily, effective
and so essentially important
ultimate crucially liberation
of ourselves; the manifestly
effective fitting eradication
of those distinctly odiously
quite delusionally 'master
race' and distinctly rather
endemically, so ingrained
and stupidly racist, white
Caucasians; as enlivened
liberated Blacks joyously
press onwards naturally
and clearly proudly also
to creditable and happy
rewarding lives, replete
with rewarding liberty.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
23 January 2023.

Author's Remarks:
In 1980 I quit the English education system where I was a teacher, lecturer and likewise a voluntary extracurricular innovator, and took up the Academic positions offered to me in Germany. It was a decision I willingly made and one that I've never ever regretted or am ever likely to, because overall I could see, and have since been proven phenomenally right, that the British Educational system which has carried on apace ever since then, and both sensibly and logically from my perspective and others I'd quite frankly spoken with and from their own perspective similarly wanted nothing to do with it, was thoroughly unfit for purpose. And distinctively from my own point of view I wanted no further part of it. A clearly Utopian escape therefore for me and one where my teaching and valuable contribution to education not only in my now adopted home country Germany but also a s guest lecturer, speaker and contributor elsewhere in neighbouring countries excelled to my utmost delight and satisfaction; drawing all of this time full inspiration on my part from my cultural and ancestral homeland Barbados where the foundation of my excellent educational upbringing has its undoubted origins.

In 1999 a former student of mine and now herself a very successful career teacher and lecturer herself at an adult college and similarly a Gymnasium - Grammar School for the uninitiated - asked me if I would like to give a talk to her students on whatever subject matter I chose to speak on, as she'd continually told them about me, my work with her and they were decidedly quite keen to meet and hear me. I agreed; as this educator and former student of mine with whom I'd always had an excellent rapport was as exemplary in her field of work as any genuinely outstanding human being can possibly be.

I chose as my subject matter the Machete and its significance in the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Barbados specifically and subsequently also the other Caribbean territories, coupled with the grotesquely amount of wealth that this one implement discernibly garnered for what was essentially a backward offshore, of no account offshore European entity called England, which because of the fortuitous acquisition of that same monumental wealth eventually morphed into first the creation of the UK and subsequently an empire that its British serfs liked to boast about and arrogantly declared on which the sun never set.

But the gem in my speech was that just as the Machete was highly and invaluably instrumental in doing all that it could also likewise be used to tear down the asinine and conceited, quite delusional and preposterously living in their utterly demented state of denial that these present day white Brits, their Useful Idiots of coconut hue and composition along with their infernal posse of thoroughly entrenched Stockholm Syndrome inculcated House Niggers somehow not only firmly believe themselves but similarly expect intelligent, and totally capable of thinking for themselves human being, far removed from their own subservient and lowlife existences that Britain is somehow an exemplary post-racial 21st Century Utopia, and white Britons: whoever they supposedly really are, are the epitome of what mankind is and should in essence be all about. Dream on I say! For therein lies your very long overdue but inevitably deservingly so permanent destruction.

So all power I say to the Machete and Long Live Barbados!

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