In Honor Bound Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

In Honor Bound

The worshiper of perilous as fire, power
The weight, the chains that the soul devour
Human uncalled-for domination
Celebrity, mammon, the self admiration...
Is it not worshiping madness
Forbidding adulteration... abomination?

Blindly... mindlessly... adore
The horrors of godless - death's door?

On the road downward and destruction
Slimy, bloody pond of bleak, moldering humanity
In one's fancy sits as 'god' disbeliever in finality,
Sinking into the shadows... awareness of a twig
Safeguard the soul... and slay the folly grown big...

To taste the plentiful waters of all satiable charity
Being at war with abundant fallacies of the age
Sin, criminality no longer evoke fit rage,
Oh, heroic virtue with the muscle to engage, discage...
Triumphant with profuse errors of any age...

The horrors of godless - death's door
Many, in truth, no longer fitly abhor...

Still, Truth's Door
Is far... wide open to all...
Knock at the Door...
Lose heart no more...

The supreme promise of Christ...

Mary Jose-Phoenix 16 April 2009

'Awareness of a twig' and 'folly grown big' - love your witty and pithy language in delivering profound truths. Thank you again for raising our religious awareness. Poetry with so much insight and depth is eternal! ! ! God bless, love, Mary

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Chris Cushing 02 March 2009

How very true, godless door is death's door! And, sadly, sin - offenses against God many don't even recognize anymore. Yet, there is always hope when turning to merciful God. Meaningful, to the point, great poetry!

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