In The Hands Of The Pitiless Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

In The Hands Of The Pitiless

Rating: 5.0

(For unborn brothers and sisters)

And, the wind has brought
Yet another grievous thought,
Thinking of the tiny babe
With no proper burial place...
Unknown, unnamed
Tortured and betrayed...
Instead of being a cherished fruit
The helpless babe
Came to be a tortured slave...
Instead of being tenderly embraced in arms
Had known the horror and gruesomeness
Of her mother's crimes...
Mutilated and desecrated
The precious babe
Who has not found a welcoming place
Unwelcome in her mother's heart
Found untimely, merciless death
Treated and disposed of as a thing
With her inestimable soul within...
A refuse heap as her burial place
Without seeing her mother's face...
Found no earthly, warm place
With a forgotten - battered face...
In her short time
Had known only
Other's brutal rejection and crime...

And, the wind has brought
Yet another too disturbing thought...

Mary Jose-Phoenix 16 April 2009

This touchingly written poem brought me to tears... You brilliantly expressed the sacred character of human life and the unthinkable atrocity of abortion! Your work is definitely blessed and welcomed by the look of Divine Mercy... Love, Mary

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Roger Guzman 02 September 2008

Dear Dr. Kardas, Very beautiful and haunting refrain...such a vital message for today's sick society. Do they really think God will overlook the murders of so many millions of unborn children? Our planet is blood soaked with innocent blood, it's time for us to take a stand and put a stop to abortion - worldwide. God Bless you in your work... RG

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Ency Bearis 15 August 2008

yes a disturbing thoughts...for abortionist..nicely written with message.. Best Wishes. Ency Bearis

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