In Hopeless Love Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

In Hopeless Love

Why are you so heartless?

You tell me you love me, so careless

Taking me up to the skies and letting me fall, emotionless

Thanking my Heavenly Father JEHOVAH, doubtless

All lust of the flesh going away effortless

No running back like hounds fearless

Your stinging kisses striking viciously leaving me breathless

Never knew such woman, so with tricks and all blameless

Sweet darling why bite like a scorpion, merciless

I fell for a beautiful damsel, now I am a mess!

I thought of a glee future, I thought I was blessed

Very amazing how love is worst than the game of chess!

My heart is pierced with pretty roses leaving me powerless

Now I see why February is about two days less

After all, it is a dark and cold world nothing but loneliness

Thought you were my valentine, I am an archer arrow-less

I was dreaming and saw cupid, all tepidness

Running towards your love again, but still armor-less

Blind and lost, so deeply in love, this is true madness

The heart burn is back! Crying again! So shameless

I see the light shining so glorious, is it you?

Sorry, dreaming again, wow! So ridiculous

I love you and it’s so true, my weakness

I am on the point of death, in need of you, yet miracle-less

In crazy love with a daughter of CHRIST, too bad I am so hopeless

Almedia Knight-Oliver 02 July 2010

A lovely poem narrated through the prism of 'All for Christ and Nothing' stands the reason for 'In Hopeless[less] Love'...your 'Less' words rhymes and are so pleasing. This is a lovely poem...I give 10+++

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Malaya Roses 14 June 2010

i consider this is your poem which carry lighter words but yet heavy in overall meaning. Love can be fatal as goes to mine story. the Last and utimate love just for and from God.

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