In Love She Has Been Disappointed Poem by Francis Duggan

In Love She Has Been Disappointed

For her age she looks rather pretty but a smile seldom comes to her face
And she has a hard look about her she has put a few men in their place
Last April she turned forty seven she looks more like forty to me
Her only offspring a daughter is now a mother two weeks back she turned twenty three.

Her and her second husband have parted company at news of his affair with a barmaid she showed him the door
She did not give him another chance once unfaithful to her never more
Would she for one moment trust him once bitten to her is twice shy
A second chance for one betrayal to one like her does not apply.

Her face is quite pretty but serious she has a hard appearance one might say
But she will express her opinions and from her point of view she won't back away
Her two ex husbands to her were unfaithful for that them she did not forgive
She will not give marriage a third try as a single woman she will live.

For one of her age she is pretty but she finds it quite hard for to smile
But at least to her beliefs she is faithful and she is one quite free of guile
In love she has been disappointed but now she lives a single life
She will never more have a live in lover or to any man be a wife

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