In Memory Of A Worthy Man Poem by Emma Adamyan

In Memory Of A Worthy Man

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It`s so hard to write about someone so respectful,
But that`s the only way to ease the state so painful,
He was too good to be called just a man,
He was a faithful husband, a devoted son,
A knight for his son and daughters
And a true guard for his friends.
Although he was not going to have the rest,
God always chooses for himself the best.
Always had plenty of his warmth,
Was he too good to stay on Earth?
Being smart, he had such a sensitive heart,
Now no one knows when all went wrong,
Was it something possible to avoid
Or it was just a predestination of his fate,
Was that the wrongest day to be out
Or that was just an infinitely unjust accident.
The fact remains-
His life has been untimely cut short,
God knows who made the fatal fault.
As for all who`s ever loved him,
They belive now he is forgiven
And Lord`s charity he is given,
For the age of forty seven
Is too soon to reach the Heaven...

Dedicated to my recently departed uncle Sergey Nikolayevich Grigorian(1/05/10)

Broken Shell 13 January 2011

You honor your uncle beautifully Emma.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 February 2010

o how gooooood! ...............

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Mahyar Goodarzi 14 January 2010

i think he is familiar. U know the world is full such people, with a careful look. he was really worthy. there is a kind of sympathy.

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