Moon Melody Poem by Emma Adamyan

Moon Melody

Rating: 4.8

When my night comes,
Just like it did yesterday,
My day wanes in silence
And the moon-sorceress plays for me again,
Its magic tune on the strings of the rain.

Moon melody will resound softly in the distance,
So that our souls and hearts could get warm at once,
Moon melody - is how the stars cried
About the lost love,
Taking me far away, all above,
That moon melody....

At the moment words lack meaning,
All the bridges are left burning
And days are hard like lead tying,
All will happen so sudden
And the music will save,
Reaching the only heaven

translated from Russian. the duet of Alexander Panayotov & Larisa Dolina 'Lunnaya Melodiya'

Kesav Easwaran 27 October 2009

beautiful piece...grief melody and passion all well combined...thanks Emma...10

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Dale Mullock 20 July 2010

What can I say Emma, Soft, subtle, lyrical, whimsical and wondrous all in one. You can hum this in tune all day, love the floating words and tender thoughts wrapped around each sentence and word. Truly awesome words! Well done you! Dale :)

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Kelcie Harm 07 June 2010

This is a very soft way of making a strong impact! Amazing

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 February 2010

this is not beautiful because it is so amazing!

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 30 October 2009

Wonderful and encouraging. Keep writing!

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Obinna Eruchie 27 October 2009

This has a wonderful melody to it, it is adorable.

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