In My Heart Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

In My Heart

Rating: 5.0

Come across, in a tissue paper I wrote your name
Your astonishing personality bumped into my senses
Wished to have you more and know you better
But it was lost when it gets wet in my pocket.

Again I get your name and had it written in my palm
Hold it tight so it won’t be lost in the my hands
Have them looked at but rain falls and were washed
The hard rains last night took your name away.

Have over it again and wrote it in a sheet of paper
Clearly and healthy the conversations wanders
There was awareness of the things happening
One of us has to be discreet in a good sense to stay.

But in an unexpected moment the wind blew hard
And the paper with name was nowhere to find
Another loss and I want to memorize and remember
But why I always missed and lost your name?
Does it mean that come what may we stick together?

This time I am sure I will surely take your name
You’re someone very special I don’t want to lose
This is the space where I write your name to lay
In a very secured dwelling site in my heart forever!

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