Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan Poems

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A Dream

Struggling hard for my crop to be on top
The taxi is waiting for me for my freight

Making Love

Man meets woman in their own time
Unexpected, both seem to be on line
The same waves, they were likewise
And that of course we called

Address Of A New Poetess To All Poets Here

As I open my partner this site I see
And closing it too, this site I live
In my mind and my heart I smiled gently
Jessie, at last the search you see.

Survival Of The Fittest

I saw some images formed in shape
Birds flying high up, up and away the sky
But a sound of a shut the biggest fell down
Birds flew away, some stayed and some gone.

Once There Was A Love

From far a distance a feeling was molded
Soft and serene pure and honest to be said
Fears and doubts always in the hearts
Dieing to be with both is their want.

Do You Know What Poetry Is?

(I was reading the posts this afternoon and my attention was called by the page of a member and was sorry to see the top page and the content of the post became unclear to my mind. It is that I felt sad about the topic, this a reply for that post. I hope she won't misunderstood me if i write this way.)

Hi, actually, your topic, I didn't understand much about
What attracted me most to stop by the site

My World

Silent as a deep blue sea
Green and woody as a forest
Sticky and bubbly like a gum
Sweet and tasty as a food to feed.


Come across, in a tissue paper I wrote your name
Your astonishing personality bumped into my senses
Wished to have you more and know you better
But it was lost when it gets wet in my pocket.

A Daughter’s Cry Of Sorrow

This poem was written by my youngest child, Reichel when she was crowned Ms. Junior in their school some months after his father’s death. I found it in her study table beside her crown and bouquet as her fall asleep with tears in her eyes...

August 16 was my husband’s birthday and August 6 was his death day. This is in memory of his 10th years death.

An Orphan's Cry

The sweetest thing is love and care
From moms, from dads on infants way
Caring big hugs from their loving arms
Warm kisses scents of baby’s breath.

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