Making Love Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

Making Love

Rating: 5.0

Man meets woman in their own time
Unexpected, both seem to be on line
The same waves, they were likewise
And that of course we called
…...LOVE …can’t be denied..

They get in touch, all day all night
Bothered by an emotion, ‘twas felt so fast
The two decide to take a chance
Up they go around and as one,

Climb peaks and hills so soft so warm.
Tremendous shakes and volts that was
From the flesh, from the blood that comes
So hard, so bright, that was to shine.

A piece of salami for the cat to dine.
Tastes sweet and juicy so wet and wild.
A battle field the pad looked like……
Total wreck the ship collides……

The anchor dropped and sailing gets rough
Hard strokes, heavy push on and off…
Up and down the captain has done
A heroine on war reveals smile…

Glorified and gracious the hero was
A victorious warrior he feels her sigh
He shook his head to feel the prize
That has just been won over the cry.

Tired, weak, both bodies were…
But never contest nor complains arise
All that was heard were deep sighs
A sign of contentment to what was done.

A sweet momentum for a man and a woman…
The binding spirit that was meant to be want
Where we all originated and we became men
The glory thus was called ‘’making- love’’.

(July 23,2009 at 8: 30 pm Philippines)

Marieta Maglas 21 September 2009

By climbing peaks and hills......... Adventure, competition, passion, devotion, love and lose control........But my dear Jessie, when the passions grow above the peaks and hills, they must be very rational in order not to fail all below..............Thank you very much for sharing and 10+++++++++ Mari

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Louis Rams 01 September 2009

when a man and woman come together, with the love in the heart is even better. we all have fantasy desires, and we want our mate to put out the fire. so when we climb into bed, we just want our passions to be fed. it is a very good write. a ten

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Ying Escalona 19 August 2009

Jessiiiiiiieeee! ! ! ! ! you are seducing me....and how about quake? where is the epicenter..must 7.7 in the Richter scale :)

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Siddharth Singh 27 July 2009

Truly remarkable. Outstanding and unique. A 10.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 23 July 2009

OOH Jessie, I love this piece, such a tremendous writes and the best sexually possible written, with loads of juicy acts.Brilliant piece Jessie!

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