Do You Know What Poetry Is? Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

Do You Know What Poetry Is?

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(I was reading the posts this afternoon and my attention was called by the page of a member and was sorry to see the top page and the content of the post became unclear to my mind. It is that I felt sad about the topic, this a reply for that post. I hope she won't misunderstood me if i write this way.)

Hi, actually, your topic, I didn't understand much about
What attracted me most to stop by the site
Were the mere words that was written on the top
'STOP WRITING POETRY' but why? was in my mind.

Ouch, I am hurt really deep inside
Though I am not the one concerned
But just to your site I happen to pass
Amazed I felt really bad and sad for that.

Don't they know and how and what poetry was all about
There very rare poets of a kind but remembered and loved
Like songs, that i called them but no tunes to have hummed
And don't they know that poetry is where music's start?

A song isn't a song if no poetry or lyrics to adopt.
This poetic song to you I sent and made write
To let know that poetry is like essay, editorial
And other kinds of extensions and conveyance.

Of what is in our mind, what is in our hearts
Prose and poetry is a part of what they taught us
In building our knowledge, our education to last
And have them expressed the way it was and must.

This is just to convey what i felt by the word
Cause I am a poet, i was hit, over-run by the fact.
I am asking my excuses if I over looked and re-act
Cause I am sadden you know by that weary act.

Hope I am understood if I am not right,
I just want to defend the poet's side.
And wish to be a friend to be added by you
Honestly I felt so touched because a poet, am I.

Prince Obed de la Cruz 19 August 2009

oh i see. Thanks for sharing

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Lady Grace 18 August 2009

good composition..for me, poetry helps human in many ways..but there are maybe some who could not appreciate what poetry is..

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Ramesh T A 18 August 2009

Indeed poetry is the source of music and song! Without poetry others are effectless! Well said and nice to read!

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