A Daughter’s Cry Of Sorrow Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

A Daughter’s Cry Of Sorrow

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This poem was written by my youngest child, Reichel when she was crowned Ms. Junior in their school some months after his father’s death. I found it in her study table beside her crown and bouquet as her fall asleep with tears in her eyes...

August 16 was my husband’s birthday and August 6 was his death day. This is in memory of his 10th years death.

I don’t experience you kissing and hugging me when I was young
I know you are busy with what you are doing for our living
I know to you are sick not feeling well and that was annoying
I understand them all in my young mind and thinking.

How I prayed to god as I grew up that someday you see me
Your sweet and lovely daughter, your replica they told me
I asked the lord that your eyes be lighted to all things again
To see my face and the merits I am getting like you had been.

Most of all I asked god to give you strength so I may feel
The warm hugs and sweet kisses I long to from you in real
But what a reverse from us he took you away forever
Sad lonely and dismayed, I cried in grief and mourned all day.

Why did you go and leave and did not see me, daddy?
I am asking the lord to return you back to me
I will be he happiest teen now if he will grant me
Though I want, he will not send you back to me.

All your sufferings and pains he wants you to be free
He wanted you to rest at the expense of my being lonely
My tears can’t stop falling, where are you now dear daddy?
Oh, I see you now in the clouds, looking waving to me
Daddyyyyyyy, you’re gone... you really leave your baby?
Oh my daddy, my dearest daddy, why did you leave me?
Goodbye daddy!

(August 17,2009 at 1 pm Philippines)

Luwi Habte 18 August 2009

it hurts, i feel like teaing for the lady who lost her dad early Father is some one precious... nice poem, Luwi

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Ency Bearis 18 August 2009

a poignant poem...I can feel the sentiments with this poem...well expressed and nicely presented......a great one..........10 (see my poem ' Always ' let me see if your heart will be touched too like the others....thanks)

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