In Need Of Company Poem by Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

In Need Of Company

Rating: 4.5

How does one get new friends
For Outings to the sea?
When on my own ~ not working,
Why should I lonely be?

Writing poetry takes up my time,
Sends messages to all who read,
But does not solve the problem today,
When Company ~ is what I need.

We are told to “get up” ~ “off our butts”,
“Go out” ~ “Explore the world” ~
But why should we do it alone?
For then it seems “just cold”.

To be in ‘The Company of Another’
Brings riches to the fore,
To talk and ride, see the Sights,
And Houses of the Rich and Poor.

I need your Company and Friendship NOW,
Become my Friend TODAY,
One who is face-to-face, not a platonic one,
Is for what I continually pray.

© Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 2 July 2007

Josie Whitehead 02 July 2007

Jonathan - I didn't necessarily mean you when I said 'get out and meet people' as I now realize that you are housebound. Am I right? Saw this on your profile. But you are reaching out to others through the internet, and thank God for the internet because it is here also that we make new friends. But I hope that a kind friend looks in to see you today. Put on the kettle - here I come for a cup of tea!

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Josie Whitehead 02 July 2007

True, no one is an island, and where one person is sitting and feeling lonely, not far will be another one. Just go out, meet people - - - your neighbour; the old man living alone across the road; the blind lady who is housebound and would welcome a visitor - or the visitor to your town. Smile and say something kind, and quickly you will have a friend for life and be glad that you did.

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Marvin Brato 02 July 2007

Good piece you got here Jo, it reminds everyone that no man is an island. we all need company of one another. Life is lonely without a comapny. I like it. worth the 9.

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