In Praise Of Death Poem by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

In Praise Of Death

Death to death, in-between lamp,
Life, light and flame that dithers in wind
That sprouts and ends in stark death;
It's death all round; death, up and down,
Death enwraps, and death unfolds,
Death is goal, and death, origin;
Death is real and death, eternal,
Life, refraction in physical medium;
Life, visible band in the spectrum world,
Life, little bubbles in ocean of death,
Death, invisible; substance of existence;
It dithers not, nor extinguishes,
Death, common bowl where lives gather,
Pours out again lives of different colours;
None penetrates it, nor explains ever
Though it's at left, right, above and below,
It's at source, at end, constant shadow,
No existence exists without the death;
Death is seed; death, god; dark glow,
Death is all levelers, kindest of kind,
That absorbs all to womb and adsorbs all,
And sprouts freshness over and again;
Death is true mother of deep love and care,
Who sends her springs for diversions,
But never forgets to protect, call back;
Aye, all fear death as ultimate fall,
And distance from mother; irony of life;
Love her; obey her, yield to her plans,
Life at her side is peace, a sober joy.

Monday, April 18, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,life,philosophy

This indeed is eulogy, death is being encomiumed. It is seen as the just means to live peacefully. Another interesting part is the feminism 'her' being used to symbolizes death. Kumar, you've done a great job here.... You can read mine titled 'Death'

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