In Search Of Almighty Poem by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

In Search Of Almighty

I looked for you,
In Mosques, Mazars, Churches,
Gurudwaras and Temples
At so many places..

Faithfuls were crying and calling You,
Giving names and different manners.
Or even giving you new identities,
Fearing You as a controlling spirit of nature.

But madding crowd causing stampedes,
Engineering hate and riots;
Conditioning ignorant for freebies,
Preaching superstitions for self gains.

I found comfort and harmony,
For some time,
But back home,
Distress haunted me.

Chant your various names,
I sat down for meditation,
I performed Yoga, got some solace;
But still distress followed me.

Dejected, disheartened, roving in a field,
A farmer planting trees, unaware of hot and cold,
For the foundation of a new life,
For the generations, unknown: I saw you there.

I saw you in ripe fruits and dancing flowers;
Without panicking sun, rain, thunder and hurricane;
Pleasing all passers by
For nourishment of all lives.

I saw you lifting loads to construct roads,
Un-sacred of sun, rain and cold,
For all unknown travelers,
Making them to reach their homes.

I saw you building palaces,
For the comfort of others,
But self residing in stinking ghettos,
And enjoying it as Gift of God.

I saw you in the dark herems and brothels,
Crushing her own body,
For the pleasures of others,
To rejoice their lives and moments.

I saw you in the sweat of a cook,
Making delicious dishes for others,
I saw in the chirping of Koel,
Singing the song of freedom and bliss.

I saw you in the running seasons,
I saw you in thunder and light,
I saw you in breeze and fog,
Struggling for creation of new life.

Alas! Finishing my search,
Came back home tired, exhausted;
Saw you in the lap of my mother,
Saw you under the feet of my aging father.

Saw you in the smile of my wife,
Saw you in the out cry of my daughter,
O Man! God is every where,
But best in honest Karma.

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