In Memory Of Martyred Soldiers Poem by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

In Memory Of Martyred Soldiers

Remember patriots, died, for the nation wounded;
Remember an honorable force, ignored, trampled and wronged:
From Kargil to Dantewara, O listens to their song;
The brave soldiers have suffered painful wrong.

Their noble names are written on India Gate,
All bear burning black disgrace without any fate-
They are the true sons of this holy land,
Never cared for themselves but for their band.

Cursed by a corrupt human right paper in a Jihad killing case,
Vultures haunted them for many years, and left in lurch to face,
Heartless, rotten judge tormenting them till last,
Like a cruel and heartless surgeon’s knife aghast.

The brave soldiers never cared for their loss of life,
They were the men lived their lives upon the edge of knife,
Fought for the safety of fellow brothers beneath the open sky,
Like phoenix, beating death they rise.

They only see the moonlight to silent the enemy trigger,
And made the killers to flee and snigger,
They never gave an inch of land to the murderers and thieves,
Sure they keep the nation safe—Parliament believes.

They never left the enemy safe even in hide,
Followed the sinners till they died,
By god, the brave did the work, braver, than they!
The widow’s curse is on your house, as the death is always at the doorway,

There were tears in every patriot’s sad eyes across mouth,
Died for the nation, threw the murderers in the south,
Always painted black by the leaders fed,
Held the tricolor high and wide every where they led.

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