Akbar The Great Poem by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

Akbar The Great

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Don’t slaughter the innocent of Chittor,
Oh! Akbar the Great,
Of brutality and barbarism.
Ending the light of thirty thousand lives,

Deceitful Hindus, with divided nationality.
Makes thee a victor,
Thou thinkest by slaying the innocent,
To control the sky.

Alas! No,
Thou hadst thirty four ill fated wives,
And five thousand concubines,
In thy own brothel.

The debase married motherly Salima
Aging wife of,
Father figure,
Bairam Khan.

But thou needed the ‘mysterious blessing’;
Of a Fakir,
To father a rogue son,
Questioning king’s manliness.

Who never honored thy proginator,
Perhaps knowing about the ‘black magic’
Of thy birth.
Revolted thy own seed, against thou misdeeds.

Dejected, disillusioned,
Thou embraced Deen-E-Ellahi,
And renouncing Islam,
Under the influence of a Hindu queen.

And made people chant,
Allah ho Akbar,
Or God is Akbar,
To declare thyself Almighty.

Failed, forlorn and frustrated,
Dealers of secular sect;
Canonized the tyrant,
Akbar The Great.

Ashraful Musaddeq 09 September 2008

O it is a beautiful poem!

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Subroto Chatterjee 23 April 2009

Whoaaa...! ! I just visited the Prince of Wales Musuem in Mumbai recently, where I chanced upon this heavenly king's battle armour, swords, etc. Talk about having feet of clay! ! Now that's one input (from you) which won't find its way into our history books uncensored! Thanks for the re-interpretation. Chers. Subroto

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Vibhor Bhardwaj 13 October 2008

o really a very nice poem....greatly written...excellent...i m your fan....

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Shweta 15 October 2020

It’s nice...but not perfect for my presentation! But I loved it 😇

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Raj Nandy 29 December 2009

I LOVE SUCH HISTORICAL POEMS WHICH AT THE SAME TIME CONTAINS FACTS! 10 + When a tyrant dies his reign ends! But when a martyr dies, his reign begins! Shelley's poem -'Ozymandias', - reflects his universal truth majestically! -Raj

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Chetna Tyagi 28 May 2009

really imformative, i really like ur writing style - simple yet powerful........

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Surya . 12 May 2009

wonderfull poem.wonderfull information.great.posted 10. surya

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Philippa Lane 26 April 2009

Such an excellent poem - even though I was unfamiliar with the subject's history. It helped me reading Subroto's comments. I found it fascinating and so well written; I read it several times. Thank you for sharing...

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