In The New Era Of Sound Pollution Poem by Jinnuraine Jaigirdar

In The New Era Of Sound Pollution

In the New Era of Sound Pollution
An obsession storm running all over the mart,
Restlessness awakens the heart;
The horizon depart, enormous sound waves alert,
No stagnation in the cart;
The unstoppable brutality of millions of vehicles dotard,
The sound of the trumpet tottered, create immense instability in the heart,
The cries of millions of building soldred, snatch away all happiness fostered,
Repeated notes in the mind creates a desperation faltered,
To the tune of thousands of microphones durt, terrifies the creative art,
The height of the tune constantly echoing in the noise pollution hollered.

The unfortunate men, constantly on the move to insomnia stagnation,
The mind is crying today, the name of the disease is depression,
Diabetes and high blood pressure intensifies day by day in obsession
Trauma, Stroke and heart disease in the bay of the nation.

O people, for you,
Unusual deafness is humming,
The complexities of premature oblivion coming,
Depression, impatience plumming,
Horrible new age is coming, a compound cruelty rumming.

Come on,
Stop all noise pollution,
Let the trumpet be banned in resolution, let there be calmness in the air motion
Let Microphones be controlled in the institution, let there be happiness in the constitution,
Let the sound of construction be controlled in transformation, let there be silence in the city of delusion.

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