In This Lonely Road Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

In This Lonely Road

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In this lonely road of hope,
Tranquillity was ruling,
Wild plans had grown beside,
Dawn had whispered a word.

We heard suddenly horn,
A lorry rushed into middle,
With high speed this came,
We left its way in clarity.

Green plants bloomed in love,
They tried to cover this lorry,
Being surrogate mothers of truth,
All plants liked to dandle road.

They sprinkled petals of light,
With fragrant and wild flowers,
On this lorry of life to paradise,
Trolley of lorry took them to God.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,23 September 2017. All rights reserved.

In This Lonely Road
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,perception,philosophical ,road
Cover photo © Kumarmani Mahakul,21 September 2017. All rights reserved.
Kalpana Barik 04 October 2020

This lonely road whispers many things. Green plants bloom in love. A nice picture you have captured.

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Jazib Kamalvi 24 September 2017

Write comment. An impressive poetic atmosphere is created in this poem. Thanks

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Marie Shine 24 September 2017

So many different aspects of morning are captured very poetically in this excellently crafted metaphoric gem. The peace of dawn is shattered by the honking of the horn of a lorry travelling at high speed. Beautiful green plants grew by the roadside and they seem to have been run over by the speeding lorry, which sent them back home to God. An amazing thought! Mother Nature is prolific and these plants will be replaced by her though they may meet the same fate. Excellent choice of graphic which adds a finishing touch to the poem. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing dear poet...

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Valsa George 24 September 2017

I can feel the freshness of the morning described with plants trespassing into the open space of the road and the lorry speeding along the bend, making it not so visible for anyone standing in the road...! I love the way you have given a metaphoric twist to this lorry as Lorry of Life... at the end!

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Unwritten Soul 24 September 2017

This poem fit well with this beautiful captured photo, the shades of cool, and the essence of calm exist in both poem and photo make this as a best compliment work togther from you :) well done

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Kumarmani Mahakul

Kumarmani Mahakul

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