In Trouble Again Poem by Amber Piercy

In Trouble Again

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In Trouble Again

I look through the water and it's crystal clear this time of year
I am swimming down by the catfish Pier
I stretched my skin and I can feel it through the current
I spread my arms and with a twist of my body I Ami concurrent
I dig down deep and go towards home
There's a chill that goes down deep to my bones
The icy water usually isn't cold this time of year
But as I draw towards home I can feel it so near
With a sigh I keep going onward
I can almost see the sidewalk as I swim forward
I hope I'm not in that much trouble
I better hurry and make it double
Why did I have to yell at my Mom and then dart away
My Dad really hates when I stray
He says the ocean can be a really dangerous place
And then I told him I laugh in dangers face
And oh boy that really got him mad
Why do I always have to piss off my Dad
Well I better go home and face the music
I glide towards the water feeling sick
I'm sure everything will work itself out it always does
But my anger got the best of me just because
I always feel like I can never do nothing right
But it's the own thoughts in my head to keep me up at night
But if I told Dad about this he would get real mad
So I swim towards home feeling sad
And then when I finally see Dad's face
He surprised me and said that he he was glad I was safe
I know Dad really loves me but sometimes I can be a child
it's not my fault I was raised in the wild
That's how it is to be a mermaid I guess
I just hope I passed his test
So far it seems really bright
All I feel is Dad's love and not the fight
Just stay tuned for a part two
And maybe I can show you something new

A. D. Small
November 11,2022

Sunday, December 25, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: magic,fantasy,life,reflecting,family,mythology,nature,ocean,bittersweet love,inner joy
Amber Piercy 27 December 2022

Thank you this is my mermaid poem I needed a new muse so I created a mermaid who is beautiful

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Who is AD Small? Nice, poignant as usual… pensive poem.5 *s

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