***'In Your Arms'(Poem) Poem by hari khabrani

***'In Your Arms'(Poem)

Rating: 2.7

She: Thank you,
Good night sleep my friend area
Sweet dreams in the air.

Take care as follows
And ends in God Bless You
You sing me a lullaby,
Then I will sleep.

You're a friend that I meet in the air you make my life complete
Hold me in your arms and sing me a lullaby,
Then I'll rest my body with a beautiful sweet smile.

He: Oh! Love, I put hand on your head, close eyes, hold you in my
arms and lap, hold you full night, till dawn and when you say me
now you may sleep and you would look at me.

She: Caressing my cheeks in your dreams you will blow me a kiss and
say Good night my friend... you are an angel I love to have to hold
like a Bear with a heart tag.

He: I would kiss your close eyes in nap.

She I will sleep in your arms like a father in her child feeling much
security, And warmth that no one can ever give.

He: I once again hold you more and more in my arms
And kiss your cheeks and lips and love you so much.

She: In my sleep I'll dream you my dear
Like lovers in Venice going to Paris
Traveling the wonderland
Like Alice and her lovable prince.

A fairy tale a romance in the air
All ends in and they live happily ever after.

He: In air a scent of love from both side
Creating new sense after meeting and mixing.

She: Silly brainy at heart feelings.

He: It is just running poetry of two lovers speaking in dramatic way
during their love....

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