***just Let Me Love You! ! ! Poem by hari khabrani

***just Let Me Love You! ! !

Rating: 2.6

As I love you
Put in feelings of love to you
Feelings become unending
Days, nights and years together
Keep me with love feelings alive for you
As close to me and as never ending
Just let me love you.

Worked, gone any where
But were the present in me
Besides me and for me
Only and only, every moment
Feelings of love for you
Just let me love you.

Either precious or semi-precious
Or adverse or in advancements
But I carry your feelings in me
And non without you ever,
But you, just let me love you.

Weather is not binding
Nature is bound with four weathers
Summer, winter, spring and autumn
But I find you with me all the times
As just let me love you.

Never I feel isolated nor feel without your feels
That allow me just and just only let me love you
As beautiful healthy love as not passed love,
Just let me love you.

As definition of love
As grown ups of love
And we were as loved between as no body else ever,
Dear you are really dear
A love in love
Just let me love you.

Ashraful Musaddeq 09 June 2009

Love is the core idea. Love creates. Lovely composition with happy ending.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 08 May 2009

As beautiful healthy love as not passed love, Just let me love you.............................................. pattern of love changes by phase of age yet love is eternal that gleams of heart.............heart yet needs healthy love irrespective of its pattern, the gleams that enlightens the whole being, a luscious glow across the soul, well penned ingeniously,10++++, thanks for sharing

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Catrina Heart 08 May 2009

Just let me love you as I love you........a two way affairs of the heart given by the definition of love, a mature love so ever be travelling in season's change in unision of comfortness...........

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