***friendliness Poem by hari khabrani


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Anger is usual, plain as that
One loves that fight, it is a fact
Otherwise how the love raises;
We mortal beings know how:
Getting to know each other
But get angry to know
And are known to each other
With anger or love
But at known to each other
What ever may be the cause?
Let us be known to each other
A test of good friendship
We should not apart
From knowing to each other
That has to consider
As a test of good friendship
Fate challenges us! ! !
How we will stand a better relationship
That never ever lost
Like any other relationship
A relationship did not deform, any deformity
And passing standards as friends
But raised to angel songs
Who came down and sang our song
As real friends and then sway back
To their way, having rhythm in their voices
Mind and spirit: song of friendship singing
By the heralds angelic voice
As we are true friends, ever met
That knew angles
All in one unison, those came down and sang
We are unison, do you agree to that?
It means where we became angry
The beat and rhythm all in the chords
Nor ever we fought
But moral it fought for in itself
And defeated by friendship
How is the friendship consider
And opine the true friendship
Wishing you to be a good friend till end of time
Ever we are no one comes in the way
Nor will not had been ever
to all I like to tell them
I appreciate their kindness
For…..I do have one Filipino co-poet
a lovely poet, a beautiful poet
dear to me, friend to me
and love to me ever.

Anjali Sinha 10 May 2009

a good friend is for keeps lovely poem -10 anjali

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 04 May 2009

Among all relationships friendships is least tainted with tinge of selfishness............Good Write.................

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Catrina Heart 02 May 2009

Friendliness is an expression of one's social behavior and interaction. To come close and personal or restrained in a way...giving few boundaries to friendship depending on how one's social life is being handled...Nice poetic explanation...an eye opener to relationship...........Thanks! ! !

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Naidz Ladia 29 April 2009

friendship is always a feeling welcoming any other feelings...sometimes it leads to good endings but sometimes leads to nothing..there are people who are making friendship as taken for granted, there are some who precious friends as gold..in my own case, i dont want close friends, the reasons are.....i dont want to get hurt if they go away from me, i dont want to miss them, , , i dont want them to oblige helping me in my not good situation, i dont want to bother them, i dont want them to worry bout me, , , i dont want them to think whats happening to me...thats the reasons..i dont want them to worry bout me, , , thats why, i dont want close friends coz i dont want to be hurt.. i like the way you put in words the expressions of friends...this piece is really a good one, ..in your last lines, u mention of your poet dear, , , hope she/he is a good friend not only in ph but in everywhere..hope, friendship between you and the other poet grow more better as the days pass by..friendliness is a feeling or a mutual feeling between people who likes or who wants getting to know each other before anything..i dont know if this words am using are accepted as written here, , but i hope, everyhting would be fine....naizz

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