Independence Day Poem by Robert Charles Howard

Independence Day

“It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews,
Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations
from one End of this Continent to the other
from this Time forward forever more.” John Adams – July 3,1776.

July 4, 2008

The town square fountain mirrors the morning sun.
Every day folk decked in national colors
arise for the passing flags.
Children pounce on clown tossed candy.

      July 4,1776

      Patriot carriages converge on Philadelphia
      where the Second Continental Congress
      will tell an unsuspecting world
      that a new nation has given birth to itself.

Sousa cadences sound from a local band,
hooves of Girl Scout’s horses strike the pavement
antique cars and firetrucks blast their horns
candidates weave the crowd, pressing the flesh.

      The middle ground has been soaked with patriot blood
      and each new infamous decree from the British crown
      tightens the noose around the colonial neck
      so that revolution is now the only course left.

Picnic jubilation reigned at Pat and Lee’s farm -
horseshoes clanging and frisbees flying.
A pot luck feast with beans and franks
interrupts the whistling and popping of rockets.

      Dipping their pens they quill the parchment
      knowing full well what dire costs await them -
      and that arduous victory alone promises liberty
      while defeat would spell certain death.

We reach the lakeshore at dusk -
unfolding chairs - spreading out blankets -
strains of Americana drift over the lake.
Trial flares arch and pop in the sky
prelude to a pyro-technic symphony.

      At Yorktown General Cornwallis,
      cornered by Washington’s tattered men,
      is forced to relinquish forever
      all British claims to American soil.

The grand finale blazes and ceases,
weary toddlers collapse in parental arms,
car doors slam and engines ignite
then headlight caravans, headed for home,
spiral off in every compass degree.

Wish yourself Happy Birthday, America
and endless happy returns
“from this Time forward forevermore! ”

July 4,2008

William F Dougherty 16 May 2012

Clicked on this poem at random after long absence and was rewarded with assurance that talent and craft I enjoyed before stands tall against the flood. I shall return.

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Duh Huh 05 July 2009

Wow, quite an impressive poetic composition. Patriotic, educational and thought provoking. Well done and thank you for sharing :)

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