Anatomy Of Arrogance Poem by Robert Charles Howard

Anatomy Of Arrogance

Rating: 2.0

A shivering ball of fear
wrapped in a crust of pride
too thick for sharpest arrows
huddles alone but well protected.

Grown to (wo) man,
that shivering ball,
aglow with haughty lustre,
plies the difficult art
of strutting from a seated position -
hoping beyond all fearing
that none will ever come to know
the terror behind the mask.

December, 2006


Charles, just in from a lovely vacation and read your comments about my own poetry. Thought I'd return the favor. This is the first piece of yours I've read, I think. It's absolutely brilliantly rendered and amazingly honest too. Thanks for sharing.

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Mazey daisey 27 June 2007

i loved this poem..its sp true..we forget that arrogance is really a very scared AND LONELY PERSON INSIDE

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Max Reif 12 August 2007

I've certainly felt like a ball of terror with a mask. I like your evocation of fluidity in this piece, Robert, and its rather abstract quality, that yet zeroes in on true human situations.

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Will Barber 17 November 2007

An eloquent penning of the limitations fear imposes upon the self. I might extend the metaphor to politics, but individual psychology will have to do, for now. The huddling fear of the novel, the unknown, is an impediment to wisdom. This poem is liberating.

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David Desantis 23 April 2008

Beautiful my friend. This is so often the case behind arrogant behavior. It hides deep insecurities. Very vivid descriptions, yet short and to the pt. I really liked

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Susan Williams 16 April 2016

Arrogance can spring out of a totally nasty soul, but, yes, it can also spring out of a heart filled with fear as a defense mechanism. Very good expose of the topic.

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Edward Kofi Louis 29 February 2016

Yes! The terror behind the mask. Thanks for sharing.

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Kesav Easwaran 08 May 2009

Arrogance well portrayed...good write..the ending lines really read good...i liked...10

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 28 April 2009

u are absolutely positively correct! ! amazing! u speak of it perfectly

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Paige S 11 April 2009

Very nice I enjoyed your description. The poem also accomplishes its task of exposing what arrogance is. Wonderful work!

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