Alone Poem by Robert Charles Howard


Rating: 2.1

How could I ever understand
what it is you choose
to call existence
and how could I ever
tell you what it means to me?

A solitary dot stained
on the canvas
of the expanding universe,
I sense a primal shiver
whenever, 'stranger'
cries out from a page
or whispers in the aether.

February, 2008

Chitra - 23 January 2009

a thought provoking poignant write

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Yvonne Rautenbach 06 September 2008

I do not feel that kind of alienation from others but reading this poem I can feel what it is like and I believe you - which is why it is a successful poem.

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Stone Granite 11 July 2008

There is something warm I find in 'alone.' How to explain it. I enjoyed this very much - one I read several times over - just because. Thanks for that!

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Bianca J. Walker 23 June 2008

I like the quiet and tenderness of this piece.

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Meggie Gultiano 16 February 2008

An eloquent write.Sir Robert..

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Terri Turrell 08 November 2009

Alone is our most intimate comanion. When we die they will bury alone with us like we were lovers. (smiles.) Nice moody feel to this pen

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 24 October 2009

wonderful poem...even as a dot we never get lost..10

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Amanda Eckols 21 October 2009

a stranger is a friend you've yet to meet and what i find is stanger still the vast unknow inside of me that wanders out into crowded streets lol sorry what i mean is its a very good poem and i just wanted to address how so many people are more alone in a crowded room then they are by themselves

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Dani Moore 07 July 2009

that was very good poem well writen

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Malcolm The Last. 11 May 2009

Great poem.... moves the mountains within one's soul.

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