Insanity Poem by soren Barrett


While working at a prison
met an old man gray and wisened
In Mexico, as a child he lived in a caboose
From a fall on the rail, his brains came loose

His mother stuffed them back in
Round his head a rag tied under his chin
Too poor for a doctor or care
He got better on his own, but talked to thin air

Later he was drafted for the war
But soon broke down once more
Whether insulin or shock therapy
It didn't matter much you see

Married a woman 30 years older than he
With three grand daughters 10,7 and 3
He was drinking real heavy
When a voice came from his Chevy

It told him to kill them, to the last one
So he took down and loaded his shotgun
He blew off their heads
Then raped the dead bodies in their beds

After this emotional release
He calmly called the police
He told them the devil had spiked his alcohol
Demonically enslaved, he was orderd to kill them one and all
Tried, convicted, ordered to die
Now all he did was sit and cry
Commuted, was his death sentence
But there will be no transcendence

Without any medication
Not noticing my invasion
I sat next to him in the dark of the night
While he fought his internal demonic fight

I could feel his hot breath in the prison cell
Ranting at the devil for jailing him in a living hell
Down the hall guards muttered away
About how tomorrow would be another day

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