Intersection (A Narrative Poem) Poem by soren Barrett

Intersection (A Narrative Poem)

Ares was a girl blessed, beautiful and smartly dressed, her family was well to do
Educated and with friends, but as her name portends, good times were almost though
In a neighboring slum, lived a boy named Donovan, a kid tough as you could get
He had learned to steal, to get his next meal, the devil on him eyes had set

One day in his misery, he sat conniving trickery, as Ares' new car drove by
In his head surged a thought, "I want what she's got" and a plan he started to ply
For weeks, her he stalked, saw where she lived and walked, she never picked up a rider
He knew her every thought, and he started to plot, to cast his web like a spider

While driving to school, Ares was no fool, for those hitching she never slowed
Seeing she was kind, Donovan lay where she would find, an injured body in the road
When she stopped to give aid, he grabbed her by her braid, "GET INTO YOUR DAMN CAR"
At knife point he threw her in, and away they did spin, to his room back of a bar

To her mother he placed a call, "If you want this pig at all, you'll follow my demands"
"do exactly what I say, or pieces I'll send your way, starting with her ears and hands"
"If you want her release, then don't call the police, if I even smell em she'll fall"
"I want lots of money you hear? And time to get clear, have it ready by my next call"

Her mother out of her mind, her father did find and told him of the situation
He convinced her once and for all, that he had to place a call, and the phone rang at the station
Officer Than picked up the phone, with a face as hard as stone, he listened to their plight
An annonymous call, from a bar had told him all, he was leaving to go to the site.

Blue lights were flashing, as Than through the door was crashing, Donovan a knife to her throat
"Put down your f---n gun, I'm takin' her on the run, or I'll leave her to rot and bloat"
As he slit her juggler vein the blood began to drain, Than then fired his gun
Both bodies to the floor did fall, dead and dying one and all, a bullet too late to save either one.

Seeing the blood and girl's face, took Than to another place, and his thoughts went to long ago
Delores, was his brother's wife and the light of his life, but Than coveted her so
They had a torrid affair, of which his brother was unaware, he drank so much you know
His brother always wanted a child, one night Delores smiled, "your greatest wish I'll bestow"

Delores with his brother's child, no longer drove Than wild, his brother no longer his foe
With Delores pregnant, Than's passion only a remnant, of before her belly began to grow
As she did swell, their relationship went to hell, she missed the ardor and attention
No longer respected, she felt neglected, and the air grew pregnant with tension

Then it happened one night, Than and Delores had a fight, with her husband sleeping drunk
"Ya don't love me anymore" "That's because you're a whore" "and you, you're just junk "
Than was a violent sort, so to each retort, a kick or punch he gave
He battered her around, drug her across the ground, he wanted to put her in her grave

He threw her north then south, hit her in the mouth, some of her teeth were broken out
Than had no conscience, he knocked Delores unconscious, as he started to shout
"It's been nine months now, you're fat as a f—n cow, just to look at you, is a shame"
Smashing in her head, she bled red and was dead, "my brother will have to take the blame"

His brother couldn't recall, anything about the brawl, "I's so drunk, it must have been me"
So his brother went to prison, for a crime that wasn't hisn', believing his brother's story
Than got a quick transfer, so he wouldn't have to answer, questions at the inquiry
For years he stayed away, but then came back one day, out of curiosity

What he heard at the station, to his consternation, was from Delores' body babies were taken
The story back where it begins, from Delores twins, her diary said they were Than's makin
Sister and brother, adopted by different father and mother, It was his blood that he spilled
Than had murdered the mother, Ares dispatched by her brother, Than his own son had killed

While he was in this state, Than knew his own fate, and slowly took out his gun
He put it to his head, pulled the trigger and soon was dead, like father like brother like son

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