Gianna Jett

Inside My Magic Box - Poem by Gianna Jett

Wake up fool
Don't ya know what time it is
Time for you to get outta bed
Quit feelin sorry for yourself

I'm 'bout to make it real
Put it all on the line
Spin it like Baby J on the turn table
Forget about society's labels

Cause I don't live for them I live for me
I've got to wake up each day for my family

Not because I have to
It's because I want to
Now I know what love does
I'm bout to show the world how it's done

Gonna show you like I showed them
Teach ya how to stand up and be man

Put down that gun
Only poppin that we gonna do
Is when the sweat pops
Down it pours
Look there it goes
You gotta family, ain't got time for any hoes

Make some pure decent bills
Without sellin guns, drugs, or poppin pills

Don't forget that this makes you a better man
You've already more than won
All these things that you can teach ya son

Pick up your head don't be a baby
I'll show ya how to treat a lady

Whatch tho don't be confused
Imma a princess, not a dude
And I live to be all that I am
Like a Queen without shame
Shout it loud if ya know my name

I told you that I won't back down
I'm Baby J I throw it down like a 'G' would
Sorry playa I think ya misunderstood
Hear that sound I believe that was ya heart
Yeah I know I think it just stopped
I'm not all all what you first thought

You see exactly now where it is that I stand
I'm the Queen of all Queens and I am of no man

Now ya know me and all about how I work
I put everything in the word Goddess through the earth

I've already paid my dues and got what's been owed to me
If I haven't I gladly took what I thought was mine
I live every day just like today and I create my own mortality
I'm Immortal in every sense cause I'm the only woman that ever came
When I heard the Immortal Realm calling out my name
In all my glory I put the rest of all you haters to pure shame
I will make sure that you and the rest won't ever forget my name

I'm a true Sparrow right down to the very core
But I look like the beauty queen that I am a sexy fox
Before I go I'll give you one last look that will have you beggin for more
As I have given only but a single glance Inside My Magic Box

Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Rhapsodies by Baby J- from my rap parody series

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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