Intelligence Poem by Chan Mongol


By Chan Mongol
October 4 of 2022

Curse be on evils who been barring the rationality;

They shifted human beings from state of nature to the cruelty.

Subjects are slaves and slaves are suffering;

In ruining unarmed citizens whom they cheering?

You don't give me the mythical event from the Bible;

You never saw and recorded when occurred, is unreal!

I don't want to go with hearsay fiction of Adam and Eve;

You see, the truth is, stories attract people to believe!

I am not obsessed to myths and I don't believe 'em at all;

I see, I taste, I feel what is real and the true natural!

Who killed Kennedy is an unanswered question;

Who and why world trade center got the demolition?

Who and why unscrewed the Nord Stream pipeline;

Could it be to cause the fall to Euro and German plan?

Euro ran ahead of dollar and Germany wanted to revamp;

German unity and tricks caused USA a big Cramp.

USA collected all data about EU and its challenging plan;

USA leaves world in quagmire and moves on with fun.

At the end, I don't write poetry, I write message;

I remind you that mines are unpopular but sounds craze!

Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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