Into Homelessness Poem by Lovita Morang

Into Homelessness

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into homelessness

today suddenly I woke up from deadness
I was dead peacefully
All a beautiful death

My home -your home could only be this beautiful earth-
So I presumed I also reign high on this beautiful earth like you

When you leave to live
from one country to another country
You say
one home to another home

I thence also drew a border in my mind
When people say you are homeless and
I am into homelessness…into bigger home called the BIG EARTH.
And my heart turning in that pulse into another heart so BIG

I shrunk out from into these unlimitedness
From the world of my deadness to my aliveness

Again I shall be playing a game of
deadness and aliveness
Aliveness and deadness

So I am alive today
What do I want to know
Surrounded by the sounds of Silence and solitude-
These walls are all I feel protected-these walls

A way my life designed and desired
The world can pierce through these silences-these walls
And reach me- so far the world in the form of Television
I also depend on the Television to know everything
Shot by shot
Scene by scene
Frame by frame
Channels upon channels
Breaking news is my breakfast now

Still the game of yours and mine
Mine and yours was live in the air
fresh exodus of Reang refugees from Mizoram
repatriation of 35,000 Bru people living in six refugee camps in Kanchanpur.
More than 300 huts were set ablaze along Tripura-Mizoram border.
Three refugee camps at Dhamdoey, Zoudiah and Tuipuibari

News aboard News home -all lost in New

UN refugee camps-Oru village Israel, Palestine Jews, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria
Thousands in Tibet wounded this and that
Burundians refugee camps-Tanzanian refugee camps

In the process
14.9 million refugees in the world including you and me…
many more will be because atleast already 22 million been internally displaced within their home including me and you

women suffers including me as a woman
in the constructed process-in and out home -
cold war civil war world war
Liberian civil war-2,15,000 refugees in the process 40% of women were raped
torture and traumas-rape, murder, molestation…

humanity in PROSTITUTION

silent protest of sufferings and struggles alive in
humanity silenced all dead
Hundreds of refugees in Cheopliang

I met a friend from America
Never feeling homeless, who carry the GLOBE in his backpack

I met a little boy from Cheopliang Refugee.Camp.
Asking his mother
Where on earth is my home

Mother replies-
the mother earth and your heart

i loved this part of the world
For they found this beautiful earth
For they found love-
smiling silently for they have crossed the border
no question no answer

I picked the eraser
and erased all from my mind the thickening border

Another they called me refugee
I was happy I am homeless
I was happy I am a refugee
I also found love in this lost

I was standing like a patriot in a nameless country
Holding the globe in my hand

NEWS of bloodshed reddened the screen of the Television
Load shedding
Suddenly the Tele. vision lay numb
The whole world shrunk into zero

Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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