Invasion Of The Royal Illusion Poem by praneeth remidi

Invasion Of The Royal Illusion

Thou aren't a dream, I see thou smiling
That isn't a smile in dream, dream doesn't have colors in
But when I see thou smiling
I see thy lips, they are red and glossy

Mine isn't a dream, I too smiled when thou did
When thou started walking away,
I stretched my hands and shouted not to go
Mine isn't a dream, my hands pained and
My ears heard my voice

Mine isn't a dream, when you started walking away,
I too started on my legs for you, with the farthest footsteps possible
What secret lies in it?
That I am always behind thou
Despite thou walking and I, running
It isn't in dream, my legs started paining

Thou then walk into shades of shadows
I see nothing then and there
If it was a dream, it shouldn't have nothing

Finally it isn't a dream
For sure it isn't in life
This should be the royal invasion of
Stubborn, arrogant and ever winning divine illusion
And I am the only lonely solider in my kingdom
With no weapons and at least an armor
I am helpless, I give up the fight
I am hopeless, I surrender to that mighty illusion

A while later when I sit exhausted
At the shades of shadows,
Clear like a stream, I hear thy smile

When I can see only the darkest shadows,
Aah, my love, Where can I go with these blind eyes!
The only thing left with me now is a stick of another illusion
Held in my hand for directions

With illusion, into the darkness, I went deep and deep
There might be trees around
With black trunks branches and leaves
I could also sense a stream nearby
Guess it flows with black lather
Alas, my utter blindness.

I made a conscious walk
Counting the angle in turns and numbers in footsteps
Aah, my love, what more hints and marks
Can this blind person create!

I walked, I shouted and I sighed
I cried, I crawled and I sang
To hint thou on my presence

Miles later I fainted and slipped down
With sliding and gliding, in a crack of
A time-built valley, I got struck.

Making the vain endeavors to hold
The grip less smoothest valley, shouted I for help
Saying "Is anybody there, Is anybody there"

A cruel voice followed echoing in the valley
"Fools are those who cry in me"

"Who are you and who is fool" said I in tears
"Its me, your destiny, and its you who are crying in me", replied my destiny.

Praneeth Remidi

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